TM IECD-Dell Vostro project 2021

April 2, 2021

TechnoMania is pleased to announce that it has successfully implemented the IECD (Institut Européen de coopération et de développement) project (part of MLLFL) to supply and deliver DELL Vostro Laptops to selected Lebanese Public Technical Schools funded by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD).

About IECD
IECD was created in 1988 at the initiative of entrepreneurs and universities, including Xavier Boutin. Driven by the desire to show solidarity with people in need, they responded to calls from civil society in Madagascar (1989), in the Lebanon (1989) and in Cameroon (1992). From these three countries, IECD has progressively established itself in Sub-Saharan Africa, the near East, Latin America (1994) and Southeast Asia (2004).

Education and vocational training are at the core of IECD teams’ actions, convinced that these are the keys to human development. Indeed, their mission is to promote development by strengthening peoples’ capacities and those of local partners.